Purdue University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering
College of Engineering - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 437 - Computer Design and Prototyping
  • ECE 337 - ASIC Design
  • ECE 362 - Microprocessor System Design & Interfacing
  • ECE 270 - Intro to Digital System Design

  • Software
  • ECE 469 - Operating Systems Engineering
  • ECE 364 - Software Engineering Tools Lab (Bash and )
  • ECE 368 - Data Structures
  • ECE 264 - Advanced C Programming
  • CS 180 - Object-Oriented Programming

  • Engineering Science & Mathematics
  • ECE 369 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Engineering
  • ECE 302 - Probabilistic Methods in ECE
  • ECE 301 - Signals and Systems
  • NUCL 200 - Intro to Nuclear Engineering
  • ECE 255 - Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design
  • ECE 202 - Linear Circuit Analysis II
  • ECE 208 - Electronic Devices and Design Laboratory
  • ECE 201 - Linear Circuit Analysis I
  • ECE 207 - Electronic Measurement Techniques
  • MA 265 - Linear Algebra
  • MA 266 - Ordinary Differential Equations
  • PHYS 272 - Electric And Magnetic Interactions
  • MA 261 - Multivariate Calculus

Technical Skills

JavaCC++C#JavaScript/ES6 (+Node.js)PythonGoHTMLCSS/SCSS/SassBashMATLAB
Frameworks & Libraries & Tools
ReactReduxExpress.jsASP.NET MVC/CoreWPFFlaskSocket.IOjQueryBootstrapGraphQL & ApolloSQLAlchemyEntity FrameworkLINQGitAmazon Web Services
Machine Learning & Data Science
Databases & Datastores
MongoDBMySQLRedisMicrosoft SQL Server
XamarinReact Native (Expo)Android
Verilog (+SystemVerilog)FPGAModelSimMIPSEmbedded SystemsPSpicePCB Design with EAGLE


Software Engineer
Scalable Press
February 2018 - Present
JavaScriptTypeScriptCoffeeScriptNode.jsExpress.jsReactReduxAngular.jsJenkinsGitAWSSemantic UIMongoDB

Work with the warehouse engineering team to deliver software solutions for production facilities.

Full-Stack Software Developer (Remote)
May 2017 - February 2018
JavaScriptNode.jsHTMLCSS/SCSSExpress.jsReactjQueryPugGitAWS (EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk)BootstrapFirebaseMongoDB
"Expimetrics seeks to revolutionize how we capture experiences over time through a web-based platform and mobile app. Startup based out of Purdue University."

I work directly with the founder and lead developer in designing/implementing features, resolving production issues, and planning for the future of the platform. As a start-up, our roles at Expimetrics are very flexible. I have worked on everything from designing UI elements to implementing API (for both mobile & web) and work in DevOps.

Software Engineer
Murray Energy Corporation
September 2016 - February 2018
C#T-SQLWPF (MVVM)ASP.NET MVCWeb API 2WCFEntity FrameworkLINQTFSTelerik/Kendo UIMicrosoft SQL ServerXamarin Forms

Developed the new ERP system (CIMS) to be used by the entire corporation, which includes modules for production, contract administration, shipments, HR, and others. My work ranges from building interfaces in WPF (XAML) and ASP.NET MVC (Razor view engine), to writing backend services using Entity Framework and designing tables in SQL Server. During my time here, I contributed significantly in modernizing the development technology, which completely transformed how software is developed in the company. This include introducing WPF and various design patterns such as MVVM and dependency injection.

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Purdue University, TimeScale Creator Project (website)
August 2015 - May 2016

Implemented a program to natively process Log-ASCII Standard (LAS) files for the Timescale Creator Java application. In addition, I also built the help page to obtain feedbacks and answer questions from users.

Software Development Intern
Murray Energy Corporation
May 2014 - August 2014
T-SQLVisual Basic.NETADO.NETWindows FormsMicrosoft SQL Server

Worked on migrating and optimizing stored procedures in SQL Server and developed application to retrieve data using ADO.NET.


Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) @ Purdue
January 2014 - May 2016
CED (Design Lead) - An electronic hardware model to demonstrate gene expression to visitors of Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
BAND (Webmaster) - A wearable embedded system for Purdue Marching Band light shows.
APPS (Project Leader) - Integrated a barcode scanner for the TADA android app.
Please see my Projects page for the complete list.


  • DataCamp - Python Programming (view)
  • DataCamp - Cleaning & Importing Data with Python (view)