About This Site


This site was built using React, ES6, CSS (with PostCSS), Bootstrap 4, Express, and Node.js. Various other tools were also used in development and production, including Babel and Webpack 3.

Below is a list of third-party resources that are being used on this website:

  • FontAwesome for the majority of icons found on this site.
  • A modified version of jQuery Terminal for the terminal on my home page.
  • Google Fonts for the font styles used on this site.
  • Snippets from reactGo were used to help me develop this website.
  • React Syntax Highlighter, which uses styles from Hightlight.js and Prism, for styling code blocks.

Future Plans

Here are some future improvements I have planned for this site:

  • Add in a Notes section to keep some of my study notes for different programming languages and subjects for reference.
  • Migration to GraphQL from REST.
  • More commands for the terminal on home page!