Ready, Lights, Go!
In Progress
GoMQTTESP8266 (NodeMCU)Raspberry Pi

This is a project that I started planning in November, 2017. As I have been learning Golang and began using it for some of my work for Expimetrics at the time, I thought about working on a project in the language to enhancement my skills.

Since then, I have changed the design of this project. I originally planned on using the Gobot framework and Firmata to control the LEDs. However, the Gobot library for addressable LEDs was still in development. As a result, I decided to go with a MQTT-based solution.


  • Preset LED sequences, with customizable parameters.
  • MongoDB to store custom sequences.
  • A web interface to directly control sequencing. This will be developed as part of a larger project that I am currently planning on.

System Design

RLG Design